Dear Friends of Countdown2Escape,

Thank you for the tremendous turn out this weekend!  We don’t know what the future holds for our business but we can certainly be grateful for what we do know. You all trusted us and showed up in droves to connect with friends, family, and good, clean fun.

If you are like me, it seems like things are getting scarier by the day. So many questions, so few answers. The answers we have sound so different depending on which TV station you listen to. Two weeks? Two months? A year? I am much happier when I am not listening to the news, but at the same time nervous I might miss out on something. It all is happening so fast and there are so many unknowns.

Here is something I do know. Young or old, we have never faced something like this before. I do know that based on 53 years of life, that life is full of seasons and this is one of them, a very uncertain one. In all uncertainty, there is always opportunity and good if you choose to pursue it. Now is the time we collectively make that choice. We have and will stick together like never before and fight through this as one, side by side with you. It may not look exactly the same as before. But we’ll find some good in this season and potentially some meaning. There is no other choice. Quitting is way too easy.

A great example of this happened yesterday (Sunday). The Rail District invited leaders from key businesses in the area to come gather insights and ask questions with Jonathan and Sarah Cromwell, owners of the Cleaning Force. The Cleaning Force is new to downtown but immediately volunteered to provide us a better understanding on how to keep our business what we are calling Rail District Clean (#raildistrictclean). Topics included, the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, staff protocols, how to address our guest, communications all in the name of optimizing and synchronizing our cleaning efforts. The Cleaning Force even provided each leader and business a hospital grade solution that kills human Corona Virus and Influenza A. It is still be determined whether it kills COVID-19 (a derivative of the human Corona Virus) but each business will be immediately training and implementing this in to the cleaning protocols. This is a phenomenal example of sticking together and how we can and will get through this.

I am asking each of you to please let us know how we can help serve you through the season that we are all facing.

We courageously forge ahead – together.

Fred Hammond
President & Owner, Countdown2Escape
(214) 783-3261