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Escape the Heat—and Reality—at Countdown2Escape

One of our favorite things to do as a couple are escape rooms! Okay… MY favorite thing to do as a couple are escape rooms, and my hubby happily indulges me.


Skip the Zoom and Escape the Room

Have you seen your colleagues in-person over the last year? Virtual meetings get the work done, but they can also leave us feeling disconnected from each other. The same can be said for virtual events with friends.


Meet Shannon and Fred Hammond of Little Bit of Happy in Frisco

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shannon and Fred Hammond.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Shannon and Fred. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
We have always loved encouraging and connecting people. This comes natural to us and is our passion.


Countdown 2 Escape – Visit Frisco

I love a good puzzle or riddle. There’s something about challenging your mind that’s always been intriguing to me. Add in an immersive and social environment, and you’ve got an escape room. I’ll be honest, when escape rooms first started popping up here and there, I was hesitant. Being locked up with no way out sounded a little too intense for me. SPOILER ALERT… you aren’t “locked” in. Should you need some fresh air, you can exit the room.


Frisco Business Owners Find a ‘Little Bit of Happy’ in COVID-19 Shutdown

When a Frisco business was forced to close due to COVID-19, the owners quickly pivoted to open up a new side business.



Frisco Group Shares Message of Encouragement, Unity

FRISCO (1080 KRLD) – Hundreds of strangers are banding together in Frisco to share a message about unity. How? Through the Rocks Against Racism initiative.



Little Bit of Happy: A Business Birthed in Quarantine

After Countdown 2 Escape was mandated to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, owners Fred and Shannon Hammond immediately took notice of businesses everywhere reinventing themselves.



Escaping the ‘BOARD’om at Countdown 2 Escape

Strategic planning. Financial metrics. Business forecasts.

Bored yet?



Escape the Ordinary and Connect at Countdown 2 Escape in Frisco

Meet Shannon Hammond, the new Co-Owner of Countdown 2 Escape in the Rail District. Not long ago, after years of working and raising a family in Frisco, Shannon and her husband Fred decided that it was time for a new chapter. They considered opening a local business in the area but wanted to stay true their core values and passions.


Countdown 2 Escape

Countdown 2 Escape offers a fully immersive experience with unpredictable twists! You think outside of the box as you progress through a maze of puzzles and valuable clues. Armed with nothing but your wits and your team, will you be able to escape before the clock runs out?


Do You Want to Unplug, Connect and Make Memories With Your Group?

When I first met the owners of Countdown 2 Escape, Fred and Shannon Hammond, their warm personalities immediately captured my attention. Friendly, engaging, cheerful, sincere, and ever so likable.


Shannon Hammond – Helping You “Escape” the Ordinary in Frisco

This bubbly blond who’s been here over 20 years, Shannon Hammond has seen tons of change happen in Frisco. Today, she’s right in the thick of it in the Rail District helping people unplug, engage with friends and family, and make memories at Countdown 2 Escape.