designed to be brought to your location


In these completely portable escape experiences, we bring the games to you!

Team Building

A FUN and DIFFERENT experience for coworkers!

Brand New Rooms

Two brand new rooms are available!

Great for Parties

Amazing party prop for your event!

Two New Portable Experiences

The Lone Star Killer

In this completely portable escape experience, we bring the game to you! Suitable for up to 100 players, teams race against each other as well as the clock to catch a serial killer in this North Texas-based game with a twist ending.


Santa’s Secret Service Agent 1225 has gone rogue on a mission to destroy Christmas. Your mission is simple: join the Elf.B.I. to fix the sabotage, stop the rogue elf, and save Christmas. Maybe even sing a few carols before bedtime. For all that is merry and bright, see if you have what it takes to save Christmas in this completely portable escape game for your holiday event.
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    This is an escape game designed to be brought to your location. Our Game Masters will set up the game onsite and monitor your timed game as you play, available for hints along the way.
    The game is self-contained in a series of items, pages and pop-up scenes instead of built into the surroundings of a room. You may unlock locked items along the way or report solutions to your in-theme game masters to receive new clues. You may also need to use your phone or other internet-connected device to receive certain audio or visual clues, but it is still an in-person, physical game designed to challenge your wits. Our portable escape rooms are designed for multiple teams to play at the same time, racing against both each other and the clock.
    We have a 12-player minimum (at least 2 teams) and can accommodate up to 100 players (10 teams) at once. Each team can be made up of 6-10 players.
    We will come to you anywhere in the DFW area. This game is great for churches, corporate events, schools, and in-home parties. This is not an outdoor game. Any (indoor) space you have big enough for each team to sit or stand around a table plus a little extra room is plenty. We can spread out or condense to match the location. This game can be played throughout multiple rooms or in one open space.
    Ticket pricing is determined by group size and location. Call us for a free quote!