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Plan Your Next Event at Our Escape Room in Frisco, TX

Are you looking for something to do that is fun, challenging and relationship building? Movies, bowling, concerts, sporting events and going out to dinner are all entertaining, but only escape rooms such as Countdown 2 Escape can provide you all three.


Whether your team is new or has been working together for years, team building is a chance to get everyone out of a typical office setting and do something fun that can teach your team valuable, applicable lessons. An escape room is the perfect team building activity.

Why are escape rooms so popular for birthdays? There’s a number of reasons. It’s fun, cheap, rewarding, and unique. One of the main reasons for their popularity, however, is that they are specifically designed for groups. No one can escape the room without working with others.
You will be locked in a room with up to six other people during your session. This game is tailored for small groups of intimate friends.

You don’t have to worry about random people interfering with the fun. You can book the entire room for your time slot.

There’s no shortage of family reunion activities. But how many of them actually involve teamwork?
You can improve your ability to work with your family members during an escape room reunion party. You and your family will work together to achieve a common goal.
This interactive event will teach you how to overcome adversity, work well with others, and have fun doing it. You and up to six family members will have to band together to get out of a trapped space.
You and your team will learn more about working together in a pressure-filled situation. Afterwards, you can debrief, celebrate, and revel in your successes.

Looking to commemorate the evening? You can buy a family photo after you escape the room.

Escape Rooms are exactly the kind of innovative, exciting activity that makes for a great date. Since this trend is still fairly new, you’ll be on the cutting edge of excitement when you take someone on an escape room date.

Planning a bachelorette party or your regularly scheduled girl’s night? Before you and your friends head downtown, to a bar or a movie – book a group escape at Countdown 2 Escape and see if you and your friends can work together to escape one of our challenging and incredibly fun escape rooms!

When the work week officially ends, it is time to plan a night with the guys. Rather than sit in the basement for another poker game, why not try something more adventurous? Break away from the same round of pool at the same bar. If you are looking for ideas, why not contact Countdown 2 Escape, get a group of your friends together, and see if you are quick enough to escape from a locked room?

Countdown 2 Escape knows that the real key to a great night out is getting involved in something unusual. Something out of the ordinary. When you head back to the office on Monday morning, your coworkers are going to be intrigued and surprised by your weekend activity at an escape room.