Our Rooms



3 Adventures to Choose From



The Lost Jewel

of Zanzibar

Difficulty: Intro – Moderate

Room Capacity: 8

The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar

Magnus has hidden the jewel in his camp and left clues that only YOU will be able to interpret. You have 60 minutes before the warlord will reach the camp to steal the gem.

The Lost


Difficulty: Moderate

Room Capacity: 8

The Lost Mine

Onto a potentially groundbreaking discovery, your team must work quickly to investigate whether this old mine holds any secrets, because they will only be yours for the next hour until your competitors arrive.


Difficulty: Difficult

Room Capacity: 8

The Tension

As a CIA agent investigating a cult, you are faced with infiltrating and having to experience many of the horrible elements of their culture. Will you escape before being forced to go  through initiation?