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3 Adventures to Choose From





Difficulty: Beginner to Moderate

Room Capacity: 8


You and your team of paleontologists are wandering through an ancient jungle when suddenly you come across the camp of a diabolical dinosaur poacher. He has captured a young  triceratops ,and it’s up to you and your team to rescue this endangered Jurassic species! Will you be able to free the dinosaur before the poacher, or another deadly creature, comes to find you?

Sweet Dreams


Difficulty: Medium

Room Capacity: 8

Sweet Dreams Hotel

After a long day of travel, you arrive tired and happy to finally be at the quaint Sweet Dreams Hotel. After a much-needed nap, you open your eyes to a place you don’t recognize. Is this the same hotel? Is it a dream or a nightmare? You sense you are trapped, and have a knowing feeling that you must wake yourself within the hour. Can you trigger your alarm before you’re trapped in dreamland forever?


Difficulty: Difficult

Room Capacity: 8

The Tension

As a CIA agent investigating a cult, you are faced with infiltrating and having to experience many of the horrible elements of their culture. Will you escape before being forced to go  through initiation?