How It Works



You get to choose your own adventure by selecting the room you want to challenge yourself to complete.

Once you step into the escape room, you will be instantly transported into a different world, as your surroundings match the theme of your mission. Perhaps you’ll find yourself standing in an abandoned cabin, or at the high rollers seat at a black jack table, or at nuclear command module complete with cold-war era tech and controls. These immersive worlds help you feel like you’re actually living out the story of your mission.

Don’t worry, you won’t be left totally alone in the escape room. Your team will be helped through your mission by your Game Master, who will be monitoring your game through cameras in the room. You’ll be given a walkie talkie for communication with your Game Master.

If you need them, you will be given 3 code clues by your Game Master. Your Game Master may volunteer a few extra tips to escape the room throughout your adventure if needed. Escape rooms are meant to be fun and challenging!