About Us

Whether it be the board room, the class room, the screaming kids, the heat, the cold, or even the same old same old. Countdown 2 Escape’s purpose is to you “Escape” the ordinary. Located in the Rail District in Historic Downtown Frisco, Countdown 2 Escape has designed an environment that helps you unplug, connect, and engage with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. The way we do that, is through three themed Escape Rooms that offer you and your group 60 minutes to navigate a series of clues, puzzles, locks, in an effort to complete the objectives. As part of that challenge, we assign you and your teammates your own personal Game Master who is trained to ensure you have a fun and memorable time. They will offer a full orientation, the room story, inspiration, and hints and help to help your team have fun and success

Countdown 2 Escape is its 3rd year of operation, is a locally owned and operated by Fred and Shannon Hammond whose purpose is to help people “Escape” the ordinary via best in class people, service, and experience. We realize that are lot of options where people can spend their hard-earned money and consider your choice to visit with us a great responsibility and honor. We are very grateful for you. At the heart of Countdown 2 Escape is our people and teammates.

We are continually investing, developing, and looking for best in class people that are passionate for creating positive experiences for our customer. This is an endless pursuit as constant change, evolving consumer need, and innovation is being demanded by the market at a pace the world has never seen. We embrace that and can’t wait to help you Escape the Ordinary.

The Look

Our lobby redesign is by Dena Thompson, interior stylist. She recently shared her inspiration behind Countdown 2 Escape’s new look.
“I knew I wanted to be a part this project the second I heard Shannon and Fred’s vision for their downtown Frisco, Rail District location. Their passion to be a place of welcome and connection for their neighbors is contagious and inspiring! We wanted the lobby to invite friends in and be a place people can relax, connect to one another, and have a different sort of experience. It brings me so much joy to see people laughing and interacting in the new space. One of my favorite quotes is “I want to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.” by Elsie de Wolfe. Shannon and Fred are definitely making downtown Frisco more beautiful with their business and vision to serve their community in love. I am so grateful to be a part of this project.”

Dena loves classic design with a modern twist. She loves to help people make the most of their homes, express themselves, and create spaces that give you that feeling welcome and inspiration. Whether you have a question about the Countdown 2 Escape design or would like help with your own space, Dena would love to hear from you. She can be reached at 678-896-0006.

Our Team


At Countdown 2 Escape, our guest’s experience is our number one priority. We have assembled a team of extraordinary young people who are masters of fun, connection, and whose number one priority is YOUR experience. So whether it’s a birthday, a corporate team builder,or a family outing, rest assured, our team’s purpose is to make your escape room experience amazing! Well Trained, Can Do, and ready to help you ESCAPE THE ORDINARY.

Our Escape Room Designers


Johnny and Natalie Magno

Johnny and Natalie Magno met through the escape room in 2016 and are now happily married.

Johnny helped open the original Countdown 2 Escape in 2016, and owned/managed a sister store in Lewisville. He did all of the original room designs. (Anyone play Cabin?)

Johnny and Natalie closed their own location in January of 2020 and are now the primary room designers for Countdown 2 Escape. Room design has always been their favorite part!

“We’ve gained a lot of friends and family through the escape room. It’s created some amazing connections in our lives and we hope it does the same for others. We love the creative side of that, getting to fully design the space for those immersive experiences.

“We start with the overall concept for the room, and then think about what the main features would be. From there we design the puzzle flow, and the space at the same time so that it functions how we need. We work closely with Andrew Denton, our good friend and design partner and also Derek Moreland, who has become extended family.”



Genna Sidler

Genna Sidler has been working with Countdown 2 Escape for over three years! IShe went to the University of North Texas to study Film and Japanese.Her favorite activities, apart from escape rooms, are rock climbing, studying Japanese, and traveling.

Genna has always been a storyteller and has a passion to create exceptional experiences for everyone. This is the reason why she decided to make The Dinosaur Rescue — to give people a fun and interactive experience! Her hope is that our guests leave Countdown 2 Escape with a smile on their faces and memories that last forever.